September 2016: The American Journal of Bioethics

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For September 2016, the Health & Social Care Arena puts the spotlight on The American Journal of Bioethics’ Family of Journals:  The American Journal of Bioethics, AJOB Neuroscience, and AJOB Empirical Bioethics.

August 2016: Adolescent Sexual Health


For the month of August, the Health & Social Care Arena features research on Adolescent Sexual Health from our behavioral science, LGBT, psychology, addictions, and sexual health journal portfolios.

Routledge Books is currently featuring three titles that provide valuable insight into the sexual health issues of young people. Follow the links below to learn more about each of these resources and to order your copy today.

In addition to the three featured books, Routledge/Taylor & Francis would also like to offer FREE ACCESS to over 90 peer-reviewed articles addressing some of the most important aspects of adolescent sexuality and sexual health.

Read the Adolescent Sexual Health Free Access Article Collection today.

April 2016: World Autism Awareness Day

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An individual on the Autism Spectrum faces a range of social, communicative, and cognitive difficulties which can impact their day-to-day functioning. Autism can present itself in various ways depending on the individual. For example, some people display severe learning difficulties and developmental delay, whereas others present as high functioning.

World Autism Awareness Day is held every year on 2 April. It aims to encourage members of the United Nations to support individuals on the Autism Spectrum and ensure their needs are reflected in policies and programmes worldwide.

This collection features over 60 articles which focus on four key topics relating to autism: Signs & Symptoms; Diagnosis; Treatment; and Autism & Family. The articles are free to read until the end of 2016.

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March 2016: World Social Work Day

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Every year in March, World Social Work Day is held to raise awareness of the work that social workers do and the problems in society that they are trying to remedy.

In 2016, World Social Work Day will be recognized on 15 March. The theme this year is ‘Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples’, which has been derived from the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development, led by the three international social work organizations of social work practitioners and educators.

To mark this important day, we have made a selection of articles in keeping with this year’s theme free to read, with the aim of disseminating knowledge to social workers around the world to help them meet the Global Agenda and continue to aid society.

Explore the collection.